23 May 2014

My Solemn Vow to Self-Care

This afternoon, I am having a much-needed pedicure. Over the past month my poor feet and toes have been through numerous walks, hikes, yoga, and dance classes. They need some pampering, and a fresh new color! If you're anything like me, just "making an appointment" for such an indulgence can take a few weeks, as other, more important things (likely not at all related to self-care!) take priority.

And, if you're anything like me, actually ENJOYING these precious moments of self-care is equally difficult. The last time I had a pedicure, I preemptively apologized to the nice lady working with my feet because I had my iPod on and headphones in--likely listening to a module in my training toward becoming a certified Eating Psychology Coach. Yet of course the entire time, I found my eyes glued to the subtitles of the "chick flick" (possibly Legally Blonde 2) that played on the wide-screen TV in the boutique-like nail salon. Now what was it he said again? Repeat that please! ;-)

So today, as I embark on this hour of self-care, I solemnly vow not to take an iPod/headphones, a phone, a book, or anything else that might distract me from completely spacing out and getting completely lost and engrossed in some absolutely ridiculous movie. Can I do it?

Feel free to check in with me about that and ask how it went! :-)

AND, can YOU set aside some time for REAL, non-multitasking, complete surrendering and letting go of obligations, worries, work, etc. self-care today? JOIN ME!

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  1. Curious about what happened? Well, first I panicked slightly at the fact that there was no movie playing, but soon enough, they started Pretty Woman. I ended up talking with the girl in the chair next to me, as well as three of the women who were working on giving pedis. At one point, I cracked them all up about my "freak toes", AND the woman (Rubey) who worked on me did something very creative with my color! I noticed how sparkly and pretty the lights hanging over the "nail bar" were. I savored my three little baby cups of M&Ms, noticing how many other women were playing on their cell phones. (I left mine in the car so as not to be tempted!)