24 December 2012

Clearing out the old; making space for the new

It was completely a coincidence last week that I had designed my yoga class around emotional wellness and healing. Between the events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the upcoming "end of the world," and the general stress of the holidays, you can say it went over well. One of my Tuesday students left saying she could "use about 5 more hours of that," and Saturday's class also was well received.

With emotions still running high in my life and in the world, I remembered two things from my yoga teacher training (YTT) earlier this year:
  • you always teach the class you need
  • shaking releases deep seated emotional energies
I also recalled that in one of our sessions we did the Osho Kundalini MeditationTM -- it was a really unique and powerful experience, so I went to the web site and refreshed myself on it. I thought it might be the perfect last class for the year -- different, cleansing, fun. (Basically, you spend the first half releasing energy through fast movement--shaking and dancing; then you revel in stillness in sitting meditation and shavasana.) I downloaded the music the led my last Saturday class through it. While I'm am a far cry from the fabulous Jurian Hughes who guided my experience, I managed to keep the class moving throughout the time allotted for each stage. We weren't quite as noisy as my YTT but we were fewer people; plus it can be difficult to completely release all inhibitions, even within one's yoga community!

I'd highly recommend that anyone who wants to clear out the old and make space for the new try this meditation. And stay tuned, I may just lead it again next year. :-)

Happy holidays, everyone!

18 December 2012

RaMaDaSa - 10 Minutes of Pure Joy

I didn't post anything this past weekend, I know.

I was trying to implement more of self-care into my life and quite frankly, I just didn't feel inspired to write.

Today I came across this beautiful video of RaMaDaSa by Snatam Kaur, and I had to share it. It's a little under 10 minutes, a perfect amount of time for a short meditation or relaxation. You can close your eyes and just listen, or get lost in the images as well as the sounds.

10 minutes folks. Take that time for you this holiday season (and really, any other time you need it).

09 December 2012

The Gift of Self Care

This is the time of year that many of us are running around, trying to find gifts for others. Given how many people have told me that I'm too hard on myself and need to take better care of myself lately, I've decided to try and actually do it. (Of course people have been telling me that for years!)

Today I wanted to share a couple things I'm finding helpful:
  • I signed up for the 30 Days of Self Love Challenge. Nicole sends emails with daily activities, and there's a Facebook group to help support you as you go through this. I started late, but found yesterday's exercise to be particularly useful. Essentially you wrote down on a piece of paper everything you didn't like about yourself, then read it and absorbed how that made you feel. Then, you say aloud, "I love you anyway" as you burn the paper. Although it took me lighting the paper 5 times to get it to completely burn (hmmmm....do you think I might be holding on??), it did feel like a real release, and now I find myself saying "I love you anyway" to lots of thoughts that come up.
  • I decided to track at least one thing that I'm grateful for every day. Before bed, I write a couple of words on my (real wall) calendar. I figure that way, if I'm ever feeling really low, I can look at the calendar and see all the things I've been grateful for over the past days or weeks. 
  • Instead of just having a morning routine (with which I've fallen off the wagon and need to get back on), I've decided to create a little "unwinding" evening / before bed routine. One thing is to add to the calendar as described above. I also love Shiva Rea's Moon Flow, so I'm doing that. (She has a downloadable one here.) And self-Reiki is not only healing for me, but practice as well. (I'm going for Level II in January!)
Anyway, in the interest of self-care this weekend, i.e. not spending my day stressing about writing a complicated post, here it is. Hopefully still useful and informative! 

02 December 2012

Reiki in the First Degree

It's been a busy weekend for me--Friday night I taught my Introduction to Ayurveda workshop at Breathe Wellness in Marlboro, and then again on Saturday morning at JoLynn Fitness and Wellness in Dracut. Then, off to teach my regular Saturday afternoon class at Earthsong Yoga in Marlboro.

Today I spent the day with the lovely Betty (and her equally lovely Maine Coon, Little Bear), getting my first degree Reiki certification!

For those of you who missed the Introduction to Ayurveda workshop this week and are still interested, I'll be running it one last time next Saturday, December 8th from 2-4pm at Earthsong Yoga, followed by a special dosha-balancing yoga class for my 4:30pm.

Also, if anyone wants to give the gift of yoga or Reiki as a holiday gift, please don't hesitate to contact me. (It's the gift that keeps on giving--in a good way! :-) )