06 April 2013

Day 3 of Spring Cleanse -- Stabilizing?

Day 3 I got up, did my Netti pot (yay!) and meditated. Even did a little bit of yoga, then crawled right back into bed until the very latest that I could. Arrgh!! No TurboFire and if I don't fit it in somehow tonight before bed, I've officially "missed" a day--which would be the first one in 5 weeks of doing the program. It can't happen! Anyway, I noticed my skin seems to be improving...a pleasant side effect I've noticed from every cleanse I've done. Something possessed me to get on the scale: 114.8. I smiled, got more motivated, and started calculating how long it would take me to be back at my normal weight with that progress continuing.

My breakfast shake with blueberries was divine. I went out to eat for a lunch meeting and fortunately one of my favorite salads (John Harvards' lentil and hummus salad) was pretty cleanse friendly--I got it sans pita bread, feta, tomatoes, and added grilled shrimp (though in retrospect I'm not sure that was technically allowed; just fish and chicken). I did some time on the elliptical and ran for 1.5 on the treadmill. (I've gotten out of my running habit lately, especially with TurboFire being so fun and running being so dull--sorry fellow runners.) I've had a ton of water today and don't feel hungry, though I suppose I should have my second cup of broth soon, else I'm really running into my dinner serving, and there's only so much broth a person can drink at once. :-)

I got a headache again around 5 pm. And although I'm wasn't necessarily hungry for it, I ate the remaining half of my avocado with dinner, because it was clearly not making it to the next day. I also seemed to be a bit dehydrated though I drank enough water to fill a small pond.

That evening I taught what one student said was an "awesome [yoga] class". Then I decided to pick up my prescription refill on way to/from the gym in the morning (thinking maybe it would make me go back to a real gym--vs. the one at work). I did my 30 min TurboFire (yes!), took my bath with a rigged drain stop (saran wrap and a suction cup hook that fits perfectly over it)--which worked for the last part anyway, and got to bed shortly after 10 pm. I'm hoping to finally have a relaxing bath tomorrow (of course a bath pillow would be helpful too, but now I'm really pushing it!)

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