06 May 2012

A New Way of Being

At the nearly 12-hour Baron Baptiste Immersion I attended with a friend (and her friend) yesterday, I spent the day in meditation, asana (physical yoga postures), and inquiry. Here I'll share one of Baron's inquiry techniques, and a few revelations I had about myself while working with it.

Sheila, Baron Baptiste, Jen, Sarah

The Inquiry & The Discovery
In the afternoon session, Baron asked us two questions:
  1. What would my future look like (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) if I did nothing different from what I'm doing now?
  2. What's missing from my life right now that I could bring in, which would make a huge difference in empowering me and bringing me new energy?
Here's how I answered these questions:
  1. Best case, nothing changes, or my life further contracts. All my striving, trying, and doing continues to add to my stress level.
  2. Lightness, joy, spontaneity, connection / contact, peace, courage, surrender / release, vulnerability, softness, openness.
Baron suggested we make a request to the Universe, and with radical faith take committed action toward making something that's missing into our new practice, both on and off the yoga mat. He talked about "presence-ing" this as our new way of being, and made us say it aloud as an affirmation--both during the inquiry and throughout subsequent asana practice. My affirmation is: "My new way of being is open" (vs. scripted and regimented to the point of strain and struggle).

He also suggested that the how was by simply "being a yes" (one of the three themes of Baptiste's training). "Being a yes" means discovering what's important to you, and then committing to making choices that align with that--i.e. observing yourself, saying "yes" to the thoughts and actions that support your "true North alignment, and "no" to the things that don't.

Fresh, Open Space: in Handstand!?
Over the years, I've been in several supportive yoga studio environments where people have encouraged me to try handstand. I never trusted another human being (or myself) enough to do it.

But that all changed yesterday, as opened to the courage I needed to face my fear, to the loving support of Sheila and Sarah, and to the possibility that I might actually be able to do handstand. Throughout the day, I must have done about 10 supported handstands! Not only did I enjoy it, but I felt empowered, and so proud of myself for such creating space and openness in my body and mind.

Now, It's Your Turn
How would you answer the two questions Baron posed? How might being more open in your life, right now, benefit you? I'd love to hear from you about your journey.


  1. I love this , Jenn!! I will be thinking of this and get back to you.

  2. Interesting questions - I'll have to think about it a bit. But one thing I know for sure is that handstands rock! I did my first (supported) handstand in an Anusara class and now I feel deprived when I don't get to do one! P.S. Daniel and I are both great at handstand assists, if you want to try in Part II of YTT.

  3. Absolutely Sharon, I'd love to!