22 August 2013

Totally made up swordfish dish

Over the years, my relationship with cooking has progressed from:
  • "I hate cooking, I'll only bake things if I can make them from mix in a box" to 
  • "OK, I can follow the recipe EXACTLY and have things mostly come out" to
  • "What the heck, I'll try making up some healthy stuff with whatever I happen to have on hand."
What a metamorphosis, let me tell you!
Those of you who've liked A Journey Into Health on Facebook have no doubt seen this, but for those of you who stay light on Facebook or just haven't found your way to my page there yet, I thought I'd share this one. Definitely my most creative one so far.
  • Get some quality swordfish. (I put it in a 9x11 baking pan, but any baking pan would probably do.)
  • Dress the fish in extra virgin olive oil (I don't measure anymore, just swish it back and forth a few times--and yes I know how uncomfortable not having a precise measure can be, so maybe 2-3 Tbsp.)
  • Sprinkle some ras el hanout (or some of its component spices) over the fish and rub it in until it's coated. (I got mine at Sofra Bakery, where they sell lots of such spices.)
  • Based on what I had left from my CSA share, I chopped up some tomatoes and a tomatillo, and some garlic, which I placed around the fish. (It was at this point that I felt like a real "cook", although I had honestly no clue whether it would come out good or not!)
  • Then I sprinkled the whole thing with sesame seeds, salt and pepper, some parsley, and a little more olive oil (on the veggies).
  • Baked at 350 degrees, until the fish split nicely with a knife. (Sorry I don't recall how long that was!)
Meanwhile, I cooked up some brown rice in veggie broth, and then plated the fish on top!

This recipe needs a name besides "totally made up swordfish dish", but it was too good not to share. I'll accept any ideas!


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